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What are good marketing strategies for a small business during Covid?

The Covid Era has changed the landscape of businesses all over the globe.If you were somewhat remote, you had a leg up over businesses that can only offer in-person services. As a result, Instagram use is way up, while massage parlors are failing (RIP Inman Oasis).

While the type of business you were in when the pandemic hit was a huge factor, the next most important deciding factor of success is how you have worked to adapt to the new challenges facing all of us. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions to help small businesses do what’s in their power to take the reins despite so much being out of their control.

1. Start a blog.

Or, if you already have one, get back to posting. Not only do blog posts help with SEO and driving visitors to your site, they also help you maintain relevance. When someone visits your site and checks out the blog section only to find the most recent post is from 2009, it most definitely off-putting and can cause potential customers to lose interest because, well, it looks like you’ve lost interest in your own business. Incorporate keywords for increased traffic.

2. Stay in touch.

A few Facebook posts a week go a long way. According to Buffer, “the ultra-short 40-character posts received 86 percent higher engagement than others.” While a web-surfer that comes across a blog post is prepared to read hundreds of words, the average Facebook scroller just wants to keep on scrolling. Keep it short and sweet and at the same time accomplish another marketing strategy of keeping your audience aware of your continued presence. Don’t be afraid to show your humanity (while sticking to your brand voice and messaging) especially at a time like this when we’re all alone in front of our screens, wondering if everyone is also alone in front of their screens.

3. Spend a few bucks on Facebook ads.

It’s amazing how easy and useful Facebook ads manager is. Target your audience, based on a bunch of different metrics, and try out a few different images or videos to see what works best. Since social media use is way up, get your business in the mix with all the big companies that are doing the same. Start small, see how effective your ad is and tweak any pieces of the puzzle that aren’t performing well.

4. Give us a call.

If you don’t feel like going it alone, we’re here to help. We offer a wide suite of services and our marketing and communications team is well-versed in the many aspects of digital marketing. We design communications plans for businesses of all sizes. Let’s chat!

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