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Spotlight: Bluefin Technology Partners

Worcester, Massachusetts is known for a lot of things, but most people don’t know that Worcester is home to a leading voice-technology and digital product developer that is working with Amazon to develop the tests for the e-commerce behemoth to use in their pursuit to partner with the best technology companies.

Our client Bluefin Technology Partners’ co-Founder Jay Cahill was featured recently in The Worcester Telegram & Gazette in a Q&A showcasing the history and future of the company. The profile piece also reinforced the growth of Worcester and its prominence as a hotbed of innovation.

As a business leader making a significant impact on Massachusetts business and technology ecosystem, Jay explained how Bluefin helps their clients achieve their business goals.

“Businesses have spent a lot of time running their business and doing stuff the way that they’ve always done it. They can’t always spend the resources, internal capital, to go out and research, “How is Alexa going to affect my business? Will it help me get customers? Will it help save money?” They just don’t have the bandwidth to do that, because they’re so cost conscious and so focused on doing the day-to-day things to make them successful ... So we will often engage out of the gate with them to understand their business and understand where technology could influence it, and then make product and strategy recommendations on how to get that.”

The best example of Bluefin’s work when it comes to product design and creation is the Link AKC dog collar. In Jay’s words:

“If your dog runs away from your house, it will send you a text message to your phone alerting you that Spot is has run away. It will allow you then to pull up and track where he goes, as he’s running away, on a map and get driving directions to him. But additionally, what it provides technologically is it has an accelerometer in it that tracks the dog’s activity during the day ... One of the largest problems that you come to learn when you work with a company is dog obesity is a thing.”

The Gaslight team loves working with clients who are breaking norms and pushing the envelope. Our minds are consistently blown by the amazingly ambitious work accomplished by the brilliant people we partner with. Our mission is to share your voice and talents with the world!

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