• Julia Corsetti

Coronavirus: If You’re Not Sick, You’re Surely Sick Of This Topic

It’s a time of confusion and sometimes panic for many of us across the globe. With all of this fear and anxiety rippling through every community, it is more important than ever for us to take the time to slow down and approach our new reality with a thoughtful, rational perspective.

To Reiterate, Again

As we know by now, the most important course of action is to protect the most vulnerable of our population by adhering to the instructions of government officials both locally and nationally. This of course means practicing social distancing, washing hands regularly, limiting groups to ten or less, staying six feet apart, and self-quarantining if any symptoms are present. We don’t know how long this will last, but for the time being we must adapt.

Guys, that doesn't look like 6 ft.

Believe It Or Not: Some Good News!

The companies that have responded with energy and compassion have received praise. We’re seeing business adapt in real time to the situation with amazing creativity. The Boston Aquarium sharing videos of their water-loving friends. Dior perfume company using their factory to produce hand sanitizer. iPhone factory swapping out Apple tech for face masks. Car manufacturers engineered to produce ventilators. And...Amazon selling anti-spit protective hats.

Have You Heard: We’re In This Together

It’s a wild new reality for everyone. But as we see other countries beginning to flatten the curve, we can hold on to hope that we will find ourselves on the other side, eventually. Until then, we must all work together as citizens of the world, good neighbors and empathetic cohorts to continue to do our best to emerge healthy and well-positioned.

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