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Class is still in session,

but the rules have drastically changed.

With schools forced to shutter and with so much unknown about how life will look in the future, it's difficult to know exactly what to communicate to students and faculty. Will there be in-person classes in the fall?  Do we need to adopt distance-learning as the new normal?


Long before COVID-19, many colleges throughout the U.S. were struggling to maintain enrollment numbers while retaining high standards for applicants. These challenges, among many others, have been magnified exponentially due to the coronavirus pandemic, leaving school leadership at a loss when faced with navigating the higher ed landscape.


We are here to help. Whether it's attracting new students, maintaining a deep connection with alumni, meeting fundraising goals, or highlighting the strength of your faculty and programming, we will work with you to craft a communications strategy that helps you achieve your organizational goals and guides you through this unprecedented situation.  


Contact us, and let's talk. 

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