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Crisis Communications.

In a time of global uncertainty,


maintaining regular communication​ with customers, employees and partners is critical. The news about COVID-19 can be overwhelming. In some way, your business must go on, and communicating how that will happen effectively will be the key to a fast return to a healthy business post-quarantine.

Gaslight Marketing & Communications can help. We believe simple, direct and ongoing communications will help businesses withstand this crisis. Our expert team of communicators and marketers are available to you immediately to provide the following services:

Ongoing customer communications.

While it’s important to share updates related to the coronavirus, sharing your policies and procedures once is not enough. You are still running as business. What may seem mundane – delivery schedules, operating hours, service impact and more – must be communicated to your customers regularly. In times of crisis, there is no such thing as over-communicating. Gaslight offers:

  • Ongoing crisis communications support as needed.

  • Management of customer communications tools, such as newsletters, direct mail and more.

  • Regular updates about products/services to keep your business top-of-mind for customers. Your customers still need your support. Let them know you are here.

Employee communications.

The age of remote work is upon us at a scale never imagined. How are you communicating with employees, maintaining efficiencies, and delivering vital information to staff? Gaslight can support you with:

  • Messaging to employees.

  • Development of creative assets like motion graphic videos, landing pages, GIFs and more to keep employees engaged and informed.

Affordable advertising.

Gaslight’s expertise in launching and managing affordable paid search and paid social media advertising is an ideal, low-cost way to stay in front of customers in these confusing times and can bring new business opportunities when they are needed most. Remind customers and prospects you are here and what you offer.

  • Building and executing paid media advertising programs.

  • Developing creative assets – imagery, offers and animation – so your target audiences notice your ads and engage with them.

  • Programs that fit into your budgets.

While it’s no longer business as usual, you still have a business to run. Despite the uncertainty, one thing is certain: Gaslight Studios is ready to help you tell your stories – respectfully, thoughtfully and proudly.

For a consultation to discuss your challenges, needs and ways we can help,

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